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How to Handle the Taxi Fares in Paris?

Paris Taxi Fare Chart

If you are new in Paris, then it would be actually quite difficult for you to know the exact fare from one place to another. You may say that you can ask the driver and the driver will help you to know that. Yes, I agree with you but not all the time because all the drivers in Paris are not good. As you are a foreigner, some of them will try to cheat with you. So, your duty is to avoid them strictly. But, in fact it’s quite hard the measure who is good and who is bad. For this reason, I have also some other effective ways to know the taxi fares in Paris and I strongly believe that all these ways will help you a lot to calculate the accurate fare from one place to another and most importantly you need not to ask the drivers.

First of all, you should always try to keep a fare chart with yourself. Trust me; it will help you a lot for sure. So whenever you are going to choose a taxi from moving one place to another, you can easily see the fare chart and in this way you can get the right fare. The fare chart is also available in most of the taxis but I would suggest you to buy a new one and keep it in your pocket. It’s extremely helpful.

Secondly, if you don’t have the fare chart, then what you can do is to ask people. People in Paris are quite friendly, helpful and co – operative as well. That’s why I like them personally. If you don’t know how to speak French, then you need not to worry about that. You can easily communicate with them through English but before that you need to make sure that you are good at speaking English. At least, you have the ability to communicate this language.

Taxi Fare Calculator in Paris
Taxi Fare Calculator in Paris
But if you are not friendly with others or if you are not comfortable to ask anyone about the fares, then lastly you need to take help from your smart phone. Try finding such a place where you will get Wi-Fi and then search on Google or Yahoo! Regarding this matter. They will provide you lots of information. It may also take some charges to buy the fare chart, however you can also get the fare chart in this way. I hope no problem with that.

For example, if you want to search taxi from cdg to paris price, I mean if you want to move from CDG and your final destination is Paris, then you will get the accurate fares mainly from the chart and online. It actually doesn’t matter whether you know the route from cdg to Paris or not; try choosing the expert driver in this case. Use your sixth sense to determine his efficiency.

There are different prices for different destinations like the fares from cdg to Paris is quite higher than the fares from orly to Paris. All the information is completely described in the chart. So make sure you keep a chart always in your pocket when you are in travel.
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