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Let your fists do the talking after buying Xbox One game keys for Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Game Key Price Compare

Guns? You don't need them!

Aside from fighting games, it's hard to think of games with characters that don't use some kind of weapon, be it long-range types like guns and bows or melee types like swords and axes. Weapons make characters look cooler, and they're sort of a fashion statement especially for more elaborate looking weapons. Some video game characters are even incomplete-looking in absence of their signature weapons. In the golden age of online multiplayer games, guns are the most common form of weapons. They come in different designs and pack differing firepower. Most action-adventure games nowadays feature guns as the primary weapons, too, so it's a welcome change to buy Xbox One game keys for a game like Mirror's Edge Catalyst and be given only fists as weapons.

In this game -- the sequel to Mirror's Edge -- players control Faith Connors as she takes on different levels of danger in a vast game world with futuristic aesthetics. In the previous game, players get to use a gun very briefly, but in this sequel it's completely removed. Players rely on the heavy-duty pounding that Faith Connors delivers with her fists. The game is also in a first-person perspective, making the combat more engaging, although the game shifts to a third-person standpoint whenever Faith Connors is delivering a no-mercy finishing move to a helpless enemy. Those cool finishing move sequences are enough to warrant Xbox One game keys on their own!

Of course, players can choose not to fight enemies. They can stealthily maneuver around enemies and skip on having to beat poor souls along the way. Just because Faith Connors packs a mean punch and has finishing moves that make MMA fighters jealous does not mean players have to overuse them to assert supremacy.
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Parkour your way to Xbox One game keys

To complement the ferocity of the main character's fists, the game also has a movement system that makes use of the structures scattered around the game world. The system is based on parkour movements and will make players feel like they are controlling a circus performer. This smooth movement system is definitely worth all those money spent on Xbox One game keys for Mirror's Edge Catalyst because they don't make an appearance in video games too often. This movement system is also factored into the game's combat system, making the transition seamless and natural.

Players can make use of pipelines and wires to travel in the game, thanks to the athleticism of Faith Connors. Aside from performing dangerous stunts to out-maneuver enemies, players can also participate in side-quests in the game that are specifically tailored for the game's movement system. But perhaps the smoothest of all smooth features in the game is the lack of loading times, as declared by the developers, so players can expect smooth transitions when navigating around the large open world. Forget about guns and compare Xbox One game keys for Mirror's Edge Catalyst instead when it is finally released.
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