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Review of a Men’s Snowboard Jacket

Burton Encore Insulated Jacket - Cheap Snowboarding Jacket - Combined
Burton Encore Men's Insulated Snowboard Jacket

In this article, I will basically introduce my readers with the top most popular snowboarding jacket for men’s known as “Encore Insulated Jacket”. If you are the one who is badly looking for a cheap but quality snowboard jacket which is cheap also, then this article will be pretty much helpful for you.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features if this Attractive but Cheap Snowboard Jacket:


Well, the original price of this snowboard jacket is US $116.83 which is quite cheaper than others. If you have clear knowledge or ideas about the quality and price of different snowboard jackets, then it will be pretty much easier for you to realize why the price of this jacket is quite cheaper than others. Additionally, you can do some more research on different types of snowboard jackets and note down their prices and then compare others with this item. Soon you will realize that you are quite okay with the price of this snowboard jacket. However, for your kind information, the retail price of this snowboard jacket is US $209.95;

The price I mentioned in the above, is actually the price of a popular outdoor gear online store namely Gear Trade. I am really not sure about the cost of this snowboard jacket in other online stores but one thing but I can assure you one thing that you will not find many differences between the price. However, just for ready reference for price comparison, you can visit another popular outdoor gear online store offering the same product, but at much higher price i.e. US $146.97. Before going to check out, you have to make sure one thing that you have the right payment methods at your hand for making payment trough online. Keep in mind that Gear Trade is an online based store and they will not allow you to make payment in cash. So you have to use your Visa or MasterCard in order to make payment. You can at the same use some other different payment methods for making payment but still you require a visa or MasterCard for that. Hope you got my point.


“Burton” is considered as the brand name for this snowboard jacket. People nowadays fully depend on this brand whenever they are going to purchase cheap snowboarding boots or cheap snowboarding jackets. Though there are lots of benefits of choosing a product from “Burton” brand but in this part, I will mainly discuss about two benefits. First of all, almost all the products of this brand are quite high in quality. They are stable and durable as well. Just because of this reason, you will be able to use their items / products for a very long time. Secondly, most of the products of Burton brand are quite cheaper than others. So you need not spend much in order to purchase which means by providing you with quality items, this brand will also assist you to save your money and time. Hope you understand what I want to mean actually.


“Encore Insulated Jacket” is considered as the model for this snowboard jacket. People at present are the biggest fan of this model whenever it’s time to buy a cheap snowboard jacket.


It’s mainly a type of men’s snowboard jacket.


“M” is considered as the size of this jacket.


This cheap snowboard jacket can only be used by men. It’s not for women.


For those who are planning to purchase this cheap snowboard jacket from Gear trade, they will discover this item in an excellent condition for sure.


This snowboard jacket can be found in one color and that is True Black.


1. Most importantly, this jacket consists of DryRideDurashell 2 – layer membrane for breathable / waterproof protection.
2. Mapped with tremolite synthetic insulation.
3. Zippered underarm cool down your upper quite rapidly.
4. Size is okay.
5. Fits nicely.
6. Pretty much comfortable to wear.
7. Durable as well as long – lasting.


1. A little bit expensive than other snowboard jackets.

Lastly, all these things I mentioned in the above, clearly proves one thing that there are so many reasons available behind the huge popularity of this snowboard jacket. It’s tough to get a snowboard jacket nowadays because a majority of jackets ill not be able to fulfill your demands and requirements. Again, if you fail to choose the right product for yourself, then it will be absolutely nothing but the wastage of your money and time for sure. So those who are badly in search of a cheap but quality snowboard jacket to get the real and ultimate taste of snowboarding, this item could probably be an excellent solution for them. Finally, big thanks for reading this article.
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