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Review of a Quality Carbon Water Filter


In this article, I will introduce my readers with the most popular carbon water filter known as “4 – STAGE 1 MICRON COMPRESSED CATALYTIC CARBON BLOCK WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE”. Most importantly, this activated carbon water filter is completely perfect for traveling or the bathroom at your home. It’s the most compact filter and provides the highest headroom in the shower.

Features of this Carbon water filter:

Removes Chlorine:

This is considered as an important and vital feature of this carbon water filter. Whenever you are going to purchase a activated carbon water filter or carbon water filter, try to buy such an item or product that consists of this feature. Chlorine is a harmful element for our health and sometimes water might be full of chlorine. In that case, only a hard water filter for the shower will help you by removing your chlorine from the water. However, besides removing chlorine from the water, it also reduces several things like odors, sulfur smells as well as rust water. These three things are at the same time harmful for our health. If the water consists of some bad odors, then you won’t be able to make your shower enjoyable. It totally reduces odors from the water. Besides, similar to chlorine, sulfur smells are also hazardous to our health. This activated carbon water filter also proves its popularity by removing this type of smells from the water. Besides reducing these three things like odors, sulfur smells and rust water, it also reduces scale build – up on tiles and glass.


Let’s take a look at the dimensions of this hard water filter for the shower. Well, its 3” diameter / 15 OZ which means that it’s quite light in weight. So it will be quite easier for you to carry this item when you purchase it from the shop. You need not take the help of any transport. Most importantly, this shower filter is quite compact. It also looks pretty much attractive as well.

Easy Installation Process:

The most essential and vital thing about this hard water filter for the shower is it’s quite easy to install. Even you need not take help from anyone for installation purpose. Just before going to install this activated carbon water filter, what you need to do is to keep your eyes on the manual for at least one time and you are done. I am quite sure that the manual will help you to complete your installation process quite perfectly. Again, you don’t need any tools for this purpose. You can install in just a few seconds without tools.

Additional Features:

1. This carbon water filter is considered as the best filter for traveling.
2. To be honest, it’s the most compact filter I had ever seen.
3. You will be happy to learn that this activated carbon water filter is tested NSF Standard 177.
4. The weight of this carbon water filter is 15 OZ.
5. It’s around 3” diameter.
6. Most importantly, it provides maximum head room.
7. You will be able to install this shower filter in just few seconds. Absolutely no doubt about that. You even need not to use any tools for installation purpose.
8. This activated carbon water filter also features a replaceable six – month cartridge.
9. Indented finger grips for a simple opening.
10. The water is balanced by the pH.
11. Polished chrome finished and built – in shower head with 59 raised spray nozzles.

• Pros:

1. Easy to install.
2. No tool in necessary.
3. Most compact.
4. Quite light in weight.
5. Tested NSF standard 177.
6. Most importantly, it’s absolutely perfect for traveling.
7. Completely ideal for the bathroom at home.

• Cons:

1. Some people face a few difficulties at the time of installing this carbon water filter.

After reading all these features and benefits that I mentioned in the above, I think now you have clearly understood the actual reasons behind the huge popularity of this carbon shower head filter. I am not forcing you to purchase this item but don’t forget to think about it while going to buy a carbon water filter. Anyway, thanks for reading this review.
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