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It's your legacy to buy a PC Steam key for Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy Cheap Steam Key - Anonymous Writer

Difficulty Gone Rogue

Punishment or penalty for getting a Game Over in video games, which you got a PC Steam key for, come in different packages. There are those that are a bit on the forgiving side, with nothing more than a simple re-spawn at the last checkpoint as the "punishment". There are those, mostly in fighting games, where the round simply restarts. And then there are those that go to extra lengths to punish you with every Game Over screen you encounter until you break a controller or a furniture in the vicinity. But would you believe that there is a punishment worse than the ones handed out by the notorious Dark Souls series?

Introducing -- roguelikes.

Don't scoff at the silly genre name, their gameplay mechanics can easily break your spirit and your controllers and may cause you to forever shun away a PC Steam key for its games. Roguelikes usually boast three main elements: high difficulty, randomly-generated dungeons, and, its flagship trait, permanent death (or permadeath for short). The first two is quite easy enough to understand, so let's just skip them. The last one, permadeath, however, is one interesting case. Whenever you die in a roguelike, in whatever way or form, and greeted by the hated Game Over screen, you don't get to retry, re-spawn, or continue from the last checkpoint. You just die. Period. AND START FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME.

So, taking that last one into account, why would anyone waste good money to buy a PC Steam key for this roguelike product from Cellar Door Games, Rogue Legacy?

Rogue Legacy1 Cheap Steam Key - Anonymous Writer

Is it safe to buy a PC Steam key for this roguelike?

Well, for starters, Rogue Legacy does not entirely make you restart your game when you die. Actually, the game is almost begging you to continuously die, over and over again.

Wait, what?

Every time your character dies, you get sort of reincarnated into an heir, like passing on a legacy to someone next in the family line. The gold that your previous character has collected also transfers to the new incarnation. And not all heirs are the same, too, as each of them has their own abilities. Think of the process as something like the Job System in the Final Fantasy series, where each job has their own unique skill.

After reincarnating, you are then given the choice to upgrade your character's equipment and stats using the gold you have inherited. So, in essence, the more you die, the stronger you get. So, yes, the game really is asking you to repeatedly keep dying in order to get stronger and tackle on harder levels. How's that for motivation to get massacred by enemies? Lovely.

And to further make Rogue Legacy more enticing than other games in the genre, you also get the chance to unlock a special NPC, called the architect, that allows you to keep the layout of a conquered castle the way it was when you went through it, effectively disabling its randomness.

If there ever was a roguelike game that can be deemed as "friendly", then Rogue Legacy definitely takes the cake. Get up to speed on roguelikes by securing a PC Steam key from one of the best sources of action-packed games.
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