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How to Clean Handheld Shower head?

How to Clean handheld Showerhead - Anonymous Writers

A shower every day may not keep the doctor away but it is a great way of getting a fresh start every morning. People who shower every day are more likely to feel fresh, energized and be ready to take on the world. Bathroom contraption manufacturers are waking up to the huge potential that the shower business has to offer across the world and they are doing their best to ensure that those few minutes people spend in their showers every day are as pleasure-filled as possible. Besides, in order to keep yourself healthy and fit at all times, what you can do is to add alkaline water filter pitcher purifier into your shower head to ensure the water is fully purified.

If you love your showers and want to make the most of the experience, it is important to know how to clean hand held shower head. You may have installed the contraption recently and it has added a new touch of luxury to the bathroom routine. But unless and until you know and utilize how to clean hand help shower head, there is really no use.

If you feel that your handheld shower head is not working as well as it used to, the problem may be that it has clogged. What do you do if that is the case? You clean it, of course! Here are the best tips on how to clean hand help shower head to make sure that your shower-time becomes the absolute best it can be.

Take care of the nozzles

The nozzles are very essential to a shower’s performance and you need to rub them regularly to make sure they are giving their optimal performance. If your contraption has rubber nozzles which are flexible, it is important to rub them once in a while. Because they are flexible in nature, debris and minerals may build up in them. What you need to do is rub them and massage them gently with your fingers. It is important that you do this to each of them. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use your fingers for this, you can use a soft brush to scrub but make sure that you do this very gently.

Use vinegar

Vinegar has a number of uses and they are not limited to the kitchen. If you want to know how to clean hand held shower head, this method using vinegar can be an excellent one to try in your home. There are 2 ways to do this both of which are explained below.

  • > In case you don’t want to remove the head of the shower and want it to be connected with the handheld arm, then you have to fill vinegar into a plastic bag and wrap it properly around the head of the shower. Use a twist tie, a tape or simply, a rubber band to secure the whole thing so that vinegar does not spill out. Make sure you don’t remove the bag at all for a few hours. You can also leave it overnight for the best performance. After you remove it, turn on the shower to remove all the vinegar. It will clean it out!
  • This way works best if you are someone who can easily remove the head of the shower from the handheld arm. If you are on, then put the head of the shower into a bucket or container filled with vinegar and water and keep it submerged for a few hours. You can do this overnight as well. After this is done, you have to attach the head to the arm again. Run the water to remove all the vinegar.

Filter screen

If you want to go a bit complicated and do a full work on how to clean hand held shower head, then you have to use the instructional manual that it came with. Now even if you don’t have the instruction manual anymore, you don’t really need to worry because the manufacturer’s website or the vendors' website like Shower Filter Store will tell you all you need to know. Usually, the filter screen is placed in the area where the head of the shower connects to the pipe. So to reach the filter screen, you will have to cause the removal of the head of the shower first. This filter screen can be removed by 2 things: you can brush the filter out or tweezers can be used to take it out. After you have removed the filter screen, you must know how to clean hand held shower head. All you need to do now is to hold it under water stream to clean out all the debris and pile-up that may have got stuck to it. Now put the filter screen back. This is how to clean hand held shower head.

As you can well see, knowing how to clean hand held shower head is not difficult at all. All you need to do is invest a little time and effort to do so. In no time, you will be able to enjoy the fast stream of shower water that you love so much!
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