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Digital Transformation And Why You Need It

In today’s rapidly changing world, digital transformation is an imperative for the business success. Therefore, it is no wonder that all major companies have already adopted it. Let’s see what is digital transformation and why it is so important?

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation

Digital transformation not only refers to digital innovations, as many think. It includes all new tech solutions that companies can implement in order to improve their business performance. Digital transformation has brought many changes to modern businesses. It has set the new rules of the game. With the newest technological solutions, nothing is as it was before.

Digital transformation has moved businesses to a much higher level. It improves understanding of customers, digitalizes operational processes, improves business performance and creates new digital business models. Digital transformation is the new must-have!

Digital business transformation

The goal of any company is to improve itself. This is a condition for the business success since only the best can stay on the market. The new way to accomplish that is the digital transformation! It provides solutions to many business problems. It is the future of the business.

Companies have three sets of goals – to satisfy customers, to motivate employees to be more productive and to add value to shareholders. With digital transformation, all these goals are easily achievable. In a new digital office, employees are interrelated through central networks, while mobile devices apps allow them flexible working. The newest tech analytical solutions provide more accurate prediction of customers’ behavior. In addition, business processes are automatized and much more efficient than before. 

For example, Sprint is using Elastic Stack software for better predicting of customers’ behavior in order to improve their user experience. StubHub has implemented Linux servers and Oracle database to create a cloud for selling the tickets by mobile apps. This solution not only that simplified the business but also increased the efficiency. There are also many other examples how digital transformation can improve business performance.

Benefits of digital transformation

Benefits of digital business transformation are evident at the first sight. Companies that have conducted digital transformation have much higher productivity, motivated employees, and satisfied customers. All of that leads to the increased added value for shareholders. Therefore, digital transformation is a win-win solution to all!

Besides the business improvement, digital business transformation also provides a complete business optimization, integration, and collaboration. Let's just mention popular AI-based chatbots. By using mobile applications, with powerful analytics on the back-end, customers instantly receive useful information targeted only on them. In this way, companies create a digital path from customers to their information systems. There are also examples of disruptive business models, such as General Electric’s Industrial Internet, for example.

It is evident that digital transformation has brought many positive changes that will certainly reshape the future of the business. Nothing will be the same as it was before. Now when you know what is digital transformation and how it is important, don’t waste time anymore - implement it right away!
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