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Top 6 Reasons To Choose Honda Civic Instead Of Toyota Corolla

Honda civic price Philippines
Honda civic price Philippines
The rivalry between Honda and Toyota is not new. Every year, new cars are released by both companies to take over the other.

However, so far Honda is in lead. This is because of its ‘piece de resistance’ Honda Civic.

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1. Variants

Over the last two years, the following variants of Honda have received a lot of appreciation.
Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT
Turbo 1.5 VTEC CVT
1.8 i-VTEC CVT

2. New Features

Honda Civic has the following new features.
Rear AC vents
Hill start assist
Emergency stop signal
Digital instrument cluster
Electronic parking brakes with ‘Auto Brake Hold’

3. Better Resale Value

The price of Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are almost equal but Honda Civic is at an advantage. It has greater resale value.

You might not give much attention to this fact but when it is time to sell a car, you need every bit of cash from other parties.

In such cases, Toyota might disappoint but Honda Civic will never disappoint.

Choose your choice wisely.

4. Build Quality

Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are equal in a lot of similarities but build quality of Civic is far superior to build quality of Corolla.

The protruding project lamps of Civic are no match of Corolla. There have also been changing of side skirts, with the addition of plastic grill towards the bottom of front bumper. This gives a new look to the car.

Also, the length of Honda Civic exceeds the length of Corolla. This means, for an equal price, you are getting a larger car.

The extra length provides extra legroom inside the car.

5. Drive

Honda Civic has a transmission of ‘6-speed manual’ and comes with a base horsepower of 158 at 6500 rpm. This generates a base torque of 138 pounds at 4200 rpm. The 2.0L base engine is a 16 valve cylinder DOHC i-VTEC (in reference to Honda Civic LX and EX).

Honda Civic is equipped with sports mode – which can reach 220 – 250 km speed. It's no secret that Honda Civic offers more ‘max speed’ as compared to Corolla.

Whenever you feel like going to a long drive, enable cruise control and let autopilot does the magic. The safety features of ABS and multiple airbags protect you, should you run in any sort of accident. With added brake assist, your vehicle can detect emergency stops & apply more force for the stoppage. The rearview camera has multiple views and is pretty useful at the time of reversing.

Honda also includes lane keeping assist, lane watch and a road departure mitigation system.

6. Interior

Although Corolla changed its interior look, yet it fails to create a more ‘regrouping’ look for the driver. The leather seats are comfortable and are adjacent to cabin equipment. The sleek design of ac vents looks appealing and central infotainment system rocks the car.
Civic also has a plus point i.e. rear ac vents are also available which help cool down the rear end of the car. Corolla is yet to have this upgradation.


Overall, Honda Civic beats Toyota Corolla. To buy quality cars, check out authentic Honda Civic price in Philippines.
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