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6 Best Mobility Scooters For Outdoors

high performance scooters
high performance scooters
Not all mobile scooters are equal. For high performance scooters, people go for ‘outdoor’ mobile scooters.

These scooters have special tires to withstand the rough terrains. Check out the top outdoor mobility scooters for your time, money and comfort.

1. Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

Rocky 4 is one of the best available mobile scooters in terms of comfort. Accompanied with a wide wheelbase, front wheel, and rear wheel suspensions, the vehicle is rear driven and is graced by 330nm pneumatic tires.

A max speed of 15 km per hour is achieved by Rocky 4 Shoprider. 

2. 140XL Pathrider Mobility Scooter

The full suspension equipped hydraulic sealed bike comes with a powerful motor of 4.63 horsepower. 

Driving across ramps is made easier by drive tiller and the LED lighting makes the user spot in the areas of heavy traffic. 13-inch pneumatic tires provide comfortable driving and Pathrider mobility scooter has the maximum capacity of 181 kg.

Two powerful 75 AH batteries are provided with this high-performance scooter.

3. Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

The 4 wheel scooter is lightweight and easy to assemble. Comparable to a puzzle, you can take it anywhere you want, assemble and have a hearty outdoor stroll.

The anti-tip wheels make it easier to drive over inclined objects and delta shaped handles provide extra support to people, who are suffering from a mild form of dexterity.

Drive medical scout compact travel has a maximum weight limit of 150 kg and has a range of 9 miles. 

4. Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 Mobility Scooter

This beast is designed for people suffering from a medical injury but has the thrill of an outdoor drive. Recommended for people who cannot sit still, the Sunrise Medical Sterling is capable of taking on steep gradients of up to 10 degrees. 

Thanks to 33cm pneumatic tires, the high performance scooter can effortlessly drive on rough roads and uneven pavements. Sunrise Medical Sterling is capable of going 12 km per hour and is provided with a range of 55 km.

Maximum loading capacity is 160 km, making it a favorite choice among buyers.

5. EWheels EW-36

Kudos to variable speed dial, the high performance scooter provides equal comfort in terms of indoor and outdoor traveling alike. The scooter provides a weight capacity of 162 kg while a 500-watt battery powers up the beast.

6. Supascoota Sports XL Outdoor Offroad Mobility Scooter

The FDA approved Supascoota is a lightweight mobility scooter and easy to compartmentalize. The machinery has a holistic weight of 138 kg with the heaviest piece around 12 kg.

The coolest thing about Supascoota is its patented safety. The company uses ESC (Electronic Stability Control System) which decreases the speed automatically whenever a driver makes a turn, reducing the chances of accidents. This feature has made it very popular in the UK and Australian markets, where buyers focus upon added security measures.

The Supascoota Sports XL has a range of 9 miles per charge and is provided with a 21” seat and 10” tires. Thanks to anti-tip feature, a user can traverse from indoors to outdoors, by dynamically changing the width of wheelbase.
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