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Who Should Buy Ford Escape? Major Pros And Cons

Ford Escape
It’s sometimes a very hectic process to figure out what car you really need. But when it comes to choosing an SUV, the case is even worst and you might be perplexed to decide. However, Ford Escape Philippines price is not too much and it’s really an affordable car for family use. The car has been hailed as one of the high-quality SUVs around in the market. There are a good number of features that Ford Escape Philippines price worth the shot.

In this post, we will talk about the pros and cons of Ford Escape. On the basis of these pros and cons, we will assess who should buy this car and the biggest reasons for investing in the SUV. however, we recommend that every person who needs a great vehicle for personal or family use should do some research on their own. There is a lot of material on the internet. Blogger provides complete details, reviews, their experience and even videos can serve the best in this regard.


1. Amazing Performance

Ford Escape is amazing when it comes to performance. Once you take the driving seat, the car responds pretty well and makes the driver feel a lot comfortable than another vehicle. It has a wonderful performance.

2. User-Friendly Features

There are a good number of tech and user-friendly features that make Ford Escape an awesome car. Push button, automatic climate control and other features that can be handled with voice commands.

3. Luxury Interior

The interior of Ford Escape is just like any luxury vehicle. The material used is top notch, fitting and finishing are amazing and it has a better interior than any other car of this price. 

4. Good Safety Rating

The biggest concern of the buyer is how safe the car they are buying is. Ford Escape has excellent safety features that make it a great car with a low price tag.


1. Cluttered Dashboard

Drivers can easily access the buttons and prompt commands but the dashboard looks a bit cluttered and busy. With a car like Ford Escape, the company should have worked on the dashboard to make it look simple.

2. Firm Seats

We have not talked about how good or bad the seats are. The interior is awesome but the seats are a bit firm that lacks comfort factor. This firmness may disturb some of the passengers.

3. Only Five-Seater

This is the first SUV with five seats of this price. There are a number of other SUVs in the market that offer seven seats and are cheaper than Ford Escape. So the car lacks enough seating capacity.

Final Words

As we have seen from the discussion that Ford Escape pros are heavier than its cons. If the car has less number of seats, it comes with a relatively low price tag. On the other hand, the car has excellent safety rating and offers splendid performance as you take the driving seat. Anyone looking for a cool and nice SUV should buy this car because it’s simply the best SUV.
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