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Redesigning Bedroom On A Budget

junk removal Staten Island
junk removal Staten Island
You, me, anyone can get bored. It is a human tendency to seek change and it doesn’t hurt to have a new look towards your bedroom. However, renovation initially causes debris removal and that is a migraine if you do it yourself. A formidable approach is to hire a professional renovation company who will take care of your needs

And don’t worry – you won’t drain your budget. 

For junk removal after renovation, contact junk removal Staten Island.

1. Changing Settings

This method is virtually free. You won’t be spending your money and will only be spending your time. If upon entering your bedroom, there is a window towards the right, bed towards left, study desk towards North and carpet towards the south, change the places of items.

You can place the carpet next to the window. In that way, you get to enjoy the sunshine and can sleep on the carpet, while facing towards the window. The bed can be moved towards south and study desk can be pushed towards the right.

It all depends upon you – before moving furniture, think what would look good!

2. Bed Modifications

The bed is where you sleep and it can make all the difference. Getting new pillow covers, new bedsheets and even a spring mattress can make you spend your day more enjoyable.

You can get bedsheets and pillow covers around 30$ while standard mattresses are roughly around $800. There are also websites which let you upload your design and you can have them made as your pillow covers and bedsheets.

3. Floor

You have two options

Either, change the flooring – adopt a brick floor, chess floor, hardwood and limestone modifications 


Invest in carpets, rugs and large cushions.

The second option is favorable as it is more affordable, less tedious and a wide variety is available. There are some houses in which the complete floor is carpeted. You can also discuss the possibility with your family.

Look around for deals in your neighborhood and search the internet.

4. Pictures, Posters, and Wall Decoration

Get pictures of friends and families and decorate your bedroom. You can even order posters of your favorite superheroes and motivational posts to make your day.

As far as wall decoration is concerned, there are hundreds of DIY YouTube tutorials which explain decorating the walls of your room through oil colors, crayons, and limestone. Check them out!

For best results, contact junk removal Staten Island.

5. Storage Options

It never hurts to increase your storage. If you are planning on getting a cupboard, get a decent sized cupboard which does not make your room feel too much crowded.

There are also desks, equipped with multiple drawers. Their advantage is that they take less space but give you more storage.

6. Door

You can either paint it – give it a new color or put interesting signs on it. Some people put their life goals on “sticky notes” and paste them on their doors. 

7. Lights

You don’t always need to go with white tube lights. For a change, go to multi-colored tube lights and better yet, switch to energy saver bulbs.

Some people like music so they also put up a ‘disco ball’ inside their room. When they feel bored, they switch on the lights to light up their mood. Bulbs are also available in different shapes and some as cheap as of $10

If you get piles of unnecessary things in the process, contact a junk removal Staten Island service to get help.
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