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When And Why To Introduce Goat Milk To Your Baby - Which Age Is Suitable?

Holle goat milk formula 1
Holle goat milk formula 1
As soon as the baby is done with formula or breast milk, the first thing mothers give them is cow’s milk. But have you considered giving goat milk to your baby? I know, I know, this can raise eyebrows amongst new mothers. Before you question this choice, you must know why to give goat milk to your child. It is easier to digest and it has less allergenic than cow’s milk.

You don’t necessarily have to tame goats in your home to get goat’s milk. It’s widely sold now (Holle goat milk formula 1, For instance) since mothers are convinced it’s good for their munchkins.

Benefits of Goat Milk for Babies

In case you are not convinced yet, have a look at how goat milk can benefit your baby:

1. It’s easier to digest: Goat’s milk is easier to digest because it contains short & medium chain fatty acids. Hence the intestine doesn’t have to put extra effort and time to digest the milk.

2. Its pH is closer to that of breast milk: Goat milk is alkaline based whereas; cow milk is acidic in nature. Its ideal pH level makes it a perfect choice for infants and it reduces the chances of getting gastrointestinal infections.

3. It’s great for bone health: Goat milk makes bones healthy. It is also recommended for anemic patients since it can improve the minerals in bones. 

4. It has anti-inflammatory properties: The anti-inflammatory properties of goat milk nurture good bacteria in the baby’s intestine. 

What’s The Right Age to Give Goat Milk to Your Baby?

So, you want to give your baby farm’s fresh goat milk or Holle goat milk formula 1? Great! For that, you need to know what’s the right age for it?

You should give your baby goat milk once they are 1 year old. Until then, breast milk or formula milk is best for your baby. If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk or soy-based formula milk, he will be allergic to goat milk too. In that case, consult your baby’s pediatrician. He will probably suggest you stick to the hypoallergenic formula only. 

Which Goat Milk Is Recommended?

Like any other person, you must be thinking that fresh goat milk from the farmer’s market will be best for your baby. No, it’s not. Let me give you a reality check. Even though goat’s milk is great for your baby, he might need other minerals and nutrients. For instance, goat milk contains fewer amounts of folic acids and Vitamin b12. You cannot feed your baby these vitamins and minerals separately, right? This problem is already solved. Best organic goat milk formula is already available in the market. They contain goat milk and added nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to further support the digestibility. So, your baby gets the right balance of nutrients with each meal. 

Wondering what goat milk formula would be right for your baby? You can try Holle goat milk formula 1. Your baby deserves the best so, feed him the best. Consult your pediatrician for more information on goat milk for babes.
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