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Top 10 Cleaning Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

junk removal Long Island
junk removal Long Island
There are various mistakes that we all make when it comes to cleaning. You might not even know that you’re making these mistakes, even with the junk. Using a junk removal Long Island service can be helpful. 

Junk removal Queens Service can help you deal with the trash. But you have to deal with all the other things on your own. Here are the top 10 mistakes you’re probably making.

1. Spraying Cleaners Directly onto the Surface

Many people spray directly on the surface and then wipe it with a cloth. It is better to spray the product on the cloth instead of on the surface. Then use the cloth to wipe the wooden, steel or glass surface. It will require less of the spray cleaner. 

2. Using a Dirty Cloth to Clean

The purpose of cleaning is to make sure that the germs and bacteria are not present on the surface. If you use a dirty cloth, the surface you are cleaning will only appear to be clean, but it will have many germs and bacteria still present. 

3. Cleaning Stainless Steel

Whenever you are cleaning stainless steel surface, do not do it in a circular motion. It will make the wipe marks visible. Clean it in the direction of the grain in your stainless steel. It will make a visible difference. 

4. Washing Windows on a Sunny Day

When you are cleaning the windows, the sun rays will dry up the wipes very soon. It will make the marks visible. It is better to clean your windows on a less sunny day. Plus, it might give you a headache. 

5. Cleaning Very Quickly

When you rush things, you increase the chances of missing some spots, inadequately cleaning things and leaving some dirty places unattended. Do not rush your cleaning and take your time. 

6. Not Emptying the Vacuum

When you do not empty the vacuum, it can create a bad smell when you are using it. It will also decrease the efficiency of the machine, as it will not pick up small particles. Call a junk removal Long Island service for the removal of all types of trash. 

7. Not Frequently Cleaning the Sponge

The sponge is supposed to clean all the dirty things. If you do not wash the sponge itself, the bacteria will continue to be present in it. Hence, it will not thoroughly clean the surface.

8. Not Cleaning the Toilet Brush

Toilet brush needs to be cleaned just like a sponge. It has to clean dirty places so a lot of bacteria and other germs stay in the brush. Don’t just use it and place it on the stand, clean the brush thoroughly.

9. Using Cleaners on Your Electronics

You can seriously damage the electronics by spraying them with cleaners. Never do that. Clean them with a cloth instead.

10. Not Using Gloves

Do not start cleaning barehanded. Always use gloves to avoid getting your hands dirty! Also, when using different cleaners, gloves can protect your skin. Cleaning stone surfaces with acid can be very harmful to your skin, so always protect your hands.
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