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Explaining Remote Energy Healing

Long distance energy healing
Long distance energy healing
The medicinal world is not restricted to allopathic treatment. For people who can’t seem to get better with medicines or face permanent pains, it is recommended for them to try long distance energy healing techniques.

Take acupuncture for example: To this day, science cannot penetrate the mystery of its working but one thing is for sure: it works. Acupuncture is one of many long-distance energy healing methods in which the flow of energy is observed.

From a pure science perspective, everything around is in the form of either energy or matter (Verifying Einstein’s E = mc2)

This means we are part of the universe and made up of the same things (protons, neutrons, and electrons) from which other elements and physical entities are made.

Long Distance Energy Healing

Long distance energy healing is achieved by certain practices. It is understood that energy governs our universe, however, to channel the balance between positive and negative energies, you either need to perform certain practices or contact experienced long-distance healers.

Take Chakras, for example, There are seven chakras in the human body and all of them act as a gate towards energy. The Qi energy flows through a network of channels known as meridians. With both, self-meditation practices and help from long distance healers, you can create a balance in your life. You will particularly find this useful if you feel everything seems normal in your life, yet you feel you are stressed. In your case, long distance healers can calm your stress levels.

Let’s Break Down the Four Layers of Energy

All four energy layers are an epitome of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Remember, all of these energies are important and all of them have specific functions of their own. 

1. Etheric Field - It is the duplicate energy of a physical body. The etheric field is located ¼ inch to 2 inches from the body.

2. Emotional Field - It extends 1-3 inches beyond the physical body. It helps people experience feelings.

3. Mental Field - The mental field helps in the Composition of thoughts and mental processes.

4. Spiritual Field - Activated when one meditates or prays, relates to one’s higher self and spiritual dimensions. A person gets physically and mentally strong when he prays.

Healers and Long Distance Healers

There are people who have a higher level of the spiritual field. Due to constant praying and not giving in to worldly desires, they possess long distance healing capabilities. They send thoughts and prayers, in the form of energy and heal one’s mind. Blood pressure, stress levels and headaches can be controlled. 

Benefits of Long Distance Healing

Thanks to the internet, the world is now known as a global village. You can choose any distant healer and acquire his/her services. Unlike other medical treatments, you will always have an option of backing out of the treatment, if it is not effective.

Spiritual energy healing is recommended for people who haven’t benefitted from other medicinal treatments and those people who are sensitive to touch. With positive energy flowing towards them from other parts of the world, they have a better chance of recovery and regaining their peace. There is complete privacy and one’s energy levels are replenished during the process.
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