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BMX Vs Mountain Bike – The Clash Begins

specialised mountain bikes for sale
specialized mountain bikes for sale
When choosing a bike, you will have to consider many factors which will directly affect your decision in choosing a bike. The main factor is the design preference, secondly the activity that you will be performing with the respective bike, your age, the aesthetics and adaptation of the bike and the area in which you live, whether it has flat roads or a rugged terrain.

The most common types of bikes which people usually go for are either BMX bikes or Mountain bikes. These both designs are the most bought. These are the most used form of bikes from the age of 6 onwards. So if you want to buy a bike for yourself or your kid, you can compare which kind of bike will suit you best according to your preferences.

BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are simply structured bikes and are very lightweight. This makes it easy to ride and handle hence a very popular choice amongst young kids. These bikes are best for freestyle or traditional riding as they have only one break and one gear for traction and to increase or decrease speed while riding and no need to change gears.

BMX bikes are most suitable for flat man-made tracks and surfaces and not feasible for uneven and rugged areas and slopes. It comes in one general fit for all size and is solid and rigid in structure so as to avoid slips and falls. The tires are generally 20 inches in diameter and large in size to support a rough terrain and increased speed.

One setback of a BMX bike is that one size may make riding uncomfortable for tall or heavy riders. 

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes, as the name says are typically suitable for mountainous regions and slopes and even hills. If you reside in an area with lots of natural rugged landscape, or you prefer riding on different high slopes and rough regions, then you should only go for a mountain bike.

They are suitable from age 6 onwards and one thing that differs from BMX bikes is that it comes in different sizes suitable for different age groups and height which makes it easier to ride and handle. These have around 21 to 25 different types of gears to be changed continuously while riding different gradients and slopes.

They are heavier and challenging to ride as compared to BMX bikes and are uneven more expensive than BMX bikes. Mountain bikes are the most versatile types of bikes suitable for different terrains and regions.

If you are interested in a mountain bike, then you should go for Specialized mountain bikes for sale. You can search and browse the web for different types of mountain bikes as they are one of the best manufacturers of mountain bikes. You can select according to your requirements and specifications from different specialized mountain bikes for sale.
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