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12-Month Sim-Only Plans

Telstra SIM only mobile plans
Telstra SIM only mobile plans
12-month sim-only plans are extremely popular among people in Australia. It’s not a bad choice since you get a huge data allowance. It can give you a monthly entitlement which is twice as much as you get when you are on a month to month agreement. The 12-month agreement plan also includes unlimited voice and SMS. No wonder lots of people are crazy for the Telstra mobile phone deals.

The Sim-only phone plans are getting better and better each day. Just when you thought they cannot pack more data into an affordable plan, a new deal comes out.

The Good

Apart from bonus data, here are some other perks that you will get from a 12-month sim-only plan:

· Prepaid and postpaid options: Some providers offer 12 months prepaid plan too. Even if you are paying money for the services in advance, you will get data inclusion. 

· Better value: When you are spending on a month to month SIM only plan, you may get 50 to even 100 percent less data a month. What’s the point of such a plan when the data isn’t even enough? 12-months plan, on the other hand, offers you better value for your money. 

The Bad 

12-month sim-only plans are great but they have a few drawbacks too such as:

· Data deflation: Majority of the people don’t choose the contract options for their 12-month sim-only plan because it locks them into a lot of inclusions. Some companies even increase 50 to 100 percent data inclusions. 

· Unforeseen plan announcements: You never know what new plan a Telco company announces. If something innovative is introduced, you won’t be able to do anything about it since you are bound by the contract. Your existing contract keeps from the good, sometimes. 

What’s the Best 12-Month Sim-Only Plan?

Telstra is the leading telecom company in Australia. The company offers 40GB at a great speed. You will find lots of Telstra mobile phone deals that don’t have excess data charges. Telstra SIM-only mobile plans (12 months) are as follows:

1. S - 20 GB that costs $49 a month and $588 for 12 months

2. M - 40 GB that costs $69 a month and $828 for 12 months 

3. L - 60 GB that costs $89 a month and $1068 for 12 months

Telstra also offers prepaid plans with 5 recharge options ranging between $10 and $50. Apart from Telstra, there are other providers of too such as Optus, Vodafone, and Virgin from where you can get SIM only plans.

When Should You Go for a 12-Months Sim Only Plan?

Everyone may have a different reason for choosing a SIM only plan but the common ones are A) you want to save money, B) You want more data or C) You don’t want to sign a lengthy contract. 

Telstra SIM only mobile plans (12-month) are appreciated in Australia because they work exactly how people behave. Since there are multiple providers available, get yourself a plan from the one that offers you the best value for money and network quality.
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