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Well Water Problems and Their Solutions

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Water is a daily essential of our lives and one cannot survive without it. However, there are a number of problems that arise with water which make it unfit for human consumption. There are different ways in which people store water and one of those is well water. 

Well, water is basically the water accessed after drilling a hole in the ground to utilize the underground water supply of the area. It is drawn to the ground using a special pump and the depth to which this water occurs can vary from area to area. While this is a great way to get a supply of natural water, it does not come without problems. This article focuses on the common problems that come with well water and their solutions. 

1. Hard Water

The number one problem with well water is the presence of calcium or magnesium compounds in the water. Water containing these compounds is called hard water and can cause mineral deposits on taps and showerheads, discolor bright clothing and even have effects on the human skin leaving it dry and itchy. It also makes the water pressure go low as the minerals are deposited all along the pipes, blocking the passage.

Luckily, the treatment of hard water is pretty simple and is known as the process of softening water. Salt-base or salt-free filters can be used to turn the hard water into soft water and make it more usable with fewer side effects. 

2. Acidic Water

If the pH level of water drops below 7.0, it is considered acidic water. There are many reasons as to why this can happen such as water coming from acid rain, wastewater from mining operations, decomposition of plants etc. If you start to notice corroded faucets, pinhole leaks in plumbing or stains in places where the water stays for a while, there’s a fair chance your water is turning acidic. 

Luckily, you can install a water acid neutralizer system in your house to tackle this problem. Water acid neutralizer systems treat the water with crushed calcite marble media to neutralize the pH of the water.

3. Iron and Manganese 

Another commonly occurring problem in well water is the presence of iron and manganese. These are naturally occurring substances and can dissolve into groundwater, however, none of these have been related to causing any health issues. The reason why people want to get rid of these substances from their well water is due to the excessive staining they cause in the sinks etc. Iron and manganese appear as dark flecks that cause stains on apparel and plumbing. They also help the growth of bacteria that can reproduce rapidly and clog pipes. 

This issue can be solved by making use of a filter that oxidizes and filters these compounds from the water, rendering it clean and bacteria free. 

There are many other problems that arise while consuming well water and have different solutions like air injection iron filter, however, the most recurring ones have been mentioned here. Be sure to filter the water if it’s coming from a well just to be sure you’re drinking clean and healthy water.
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