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Is iPhone 6 Worth Buying Now?

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Who has not heard about iPhone? Almost every other person and apparently “tech-friendly” individuals have got iPhones. The most thing you will hear them say is “iPhone is great, it is better than Android, iOS is way faster than Android OS” and many other similar things. 

And with the launch of Apple’s new series of iPhone i.e. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, same comments hit the social media platforms. Moreover, it is assumed that the prices of the previous series like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S etc. will fall to a greater extent. Similarly, iPhone users are forced to think that previous versions lacked some features. 

We are sure that many of you want to be an iPhone user but with the prices being too high, we want to settle for the previous series of iPhone. Be it iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or their S series, we go through each of these to suit our standards. You can look up cheapest Telstra plan to get value for your money.

The main question here comes in when we talk about iPhone 6 since it is the oldest one of them all. And the question is that “is iPhone 6 worth buying since it has been in the market for four years now?”

Here we have listed a few facts about iPhone 6 that will help you make a better decision on whether to buy it or not!

1. iPhone 6 has almost all the features that iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 have.

2. iPhone 6 has smart look and still looks trendy.

3. If you are used to wiring hands-free, then iPhone 6 has the headphone jack but iPhone 7 does not.

4. iPhone 6 has a good quality camera and comes with fingerprint unlock feature. 

5. iPhone 6 is an outdated phone and you cannot let the Apple community criticize your choices.

6. It is cheaper than its successors and hence it is easy to afford.

7. Live photos feature, Face unlocking feature and the eSIM feature is not supported.

8. iPhone6 RAM and memory are low hence with more apps installed and regular updates, there will be performance backlog. 

9. With advancement in technology, we suggest you think ahead instead of going back in the past. It is not worth buying iPhone 6 with hot trends. Though you can consider buying an iPhone 6 as a starter pack to use iOS, but keep in mind that you may miss out on some things.

10. One thing that is great about buying even an iPhone 6, is that you will still have the latest and updated iOS experience.

11. Apple is moving forward with its technology and has been eliminating the previous series gradually. In addition, Apple has introduced dual SIM and eSIM in the devices with iPhone XS MAX. This means that soon the market will be having smartphones with no SIM card slots, anticipating the death of traditional SIM cards. 

So if you invest in buying iPhone 6 now, you may have a year or two to still be relevant, but after that, new techs introduced by Apple may want you to upgrade. Want phones and plans that are affordable? Look for cheap SIM only plans.
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