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6 Tips for Toddler Years - What Doctors Recommend?

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Toddlers always keep you on your toes. Like any good parent, you would want to keep your toddler healthy and happy. It’s great that you are on top of everything starting from their hygiene, health, and playtime, sleep and even feeding them Holle goat milk formula. So, what more to do?

We asked a few doctors and here are some tips that they want parents to follow when raising toddlers:

1. Keep the Meals Simple

Some parents have the worry that their children don’t eat anything while others are worried that their toddler might be over-weighted. Well, if you try to impose a restrictive diet plan on your kid, you will make the problem worse. It’s recommended to let your kid pick they want to eat. Don’t pressure them.

2. Don’t Rush with Potty Training

Your child will start showing signs when he is ready for potty training. These signs include telling you he is done with the poo or pointing at his nappy. It’s hard to put an age on it. Some kids are ready earlier than others. Only worry if your child isn’t potty trained by the time his school starts.

3. What About the Hacking Cough?

You will often find your toddler coughing. Should you worry about it? Not really. Just put a small bowl containing warm water by the radiator to keep the moisture in the air from affecting the baby’s throat. This will make sure your toddler’s throat does not get dry. You can also try homemade honey and lemon remedy. However, do not give your baby honey if they are under 1 year.

4. Praise Them for Their Good Behavior

Parents tend to focus on time-outs when the child misbehaves but they forget to praise them when they are behaving well. When you compliment your child for their good behavior, they repeat that behavior. So, don’t hesitate in giving them a kiss or a hug and plenty of verbal praise when they are being good.

5. Brush Their Teeth

Doctors recommend that as soon as the toddler’s teeth appear, you must start brushing them. This will help develop an early tooth brushing routine too. Brown spots on the teeth are an indication that there are some cavities. So, watch out for it.

6. Don’t Feed Their Tantrums

Your toddler is going to show you tantrums alright. But the best approach is to pretend it is not happening. They are just doing this to get your attention. It is recommended to bring books and toys to distract your little one when you are going outdoors.

Toddlers like to be chased so don’t be sad when they run away from you. They want to play around and they like being independent. Let them be, they are simply practicing. But don’t worry they are still going to need you. Take everything slowly. Just remember, every baby grows and develops at his own pace; even if you are feeding twins the same best Holle organic infant formula, they will develop differently.
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