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Top 5 Reasons We Love Honda Civic

Honda Civic price Philippines

Civic has been Honda's sales leader consistently throughout the globe. And Honda manages to continue the tradition with its 10th generation release of Civic as well. The manufacturer also manages to bring some exciting new features and brilliant changes to its best-seller as well. The shape of the new Honda Civic is eye-catching, sporty and premium. It is available in multiple variants in the Philippines with the Type R variant being top one and on the more expensive side. Apart from its beautiful exterior and the standard model Honda Civic price the Philippines, we have a few more reasons to love it and we want to share them with you.

1. Unique Features

All variants of the Honda Civic come with a Bluetooth enabled touchscreen stereo system that also offers phone connectivity, navigation, and climate control features. The steering wheel is mounted with basic electrostatic stereo and phone controls but what has attracted us the most are the pedal shifters behind the steering wheels, something you may have only seen in supercars like Ferraris.

2. Inbuilt Safety

Another thing we love about this Civic is its inbuilt safety features like the front, side and side curtain airbags. These airbags allow the car to protect its occupants from all sides in case of an accident. The ABS braking system combined with the new EBS technology ensures safe braking. Another amazing feature is the walk away auto lock. As soon as the driver walks a certain distance away from the car with keys on him, the locks itself without any effort on your part. Electronic Parking brakes is also a cool new feature that impressed us a lot. The Vehicle stability assist makes sure the car doesn't swerve out of control and the Hill Start Assist makes climbing the ramps easier.

3. Fuel Efficiency

Let's now talk about its greatest feature. Yes, it has more to offer. The killer looks of the Honda Civic isn't the only thing that makes it attractive. It is also quite a fuel-efficient car. It provides great fuel savings without compromising on the quality of the drive. The low consumption doesn't give you any hiccups on the road and the drive feels smooth and luxurious. Something we have begun to expect from Honda's lineups. The best part is that the efficiency doesn't change whether you opt to buy the manual or the automatic transmission variant.

4. Excellent for Modifications

The Fast and the Furious movie franchise has converted many into car enthusiasts who like to add to their rides to make them feel more unique and personalized and Honda Civic doesn't let those people down. Whether you like to add engine parts or body parts, Civic is probably the only car in the world that offers an unlimited range of customization options. In fact, the car is so versatile that it appeals to both young and old people alike. Another thing that we love about the Civic.

5. The Affordable Price Tag

Honda Civic price Philippines is probably its greatest feature. We failed to find any car in this price range that offered so many features. Just look at it, it’s beautiful, fuel efficient, safe, has a great entertainment system and whatnot.

While we have listed only five points here, there are many more reasons why we like the Civic so much and if we were not constrained for space and time, we wouldn't stop talking or in this case, writing about it. And if you want to buy it as a second-hand car, then you can search for old cars for sale Philippines.
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