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Tips for Anchoring a Swing Set

old swing set
old swing set
Well whenever you are going to install any kind of swing set, the very first and foremost thing that you will have to perform is to anchor the equipment into the ground. It might sound a bit weird but obviously, there are reasons behind that which is, it will prevent the swing set from flipping over while using. Most of the time people get slightly confused with what type of anchor they should make use of. And in general, it is recommended to use the concrete anchors. The reason is this type of anchor is highly secure. But you could actually make use of two – piece or one – piece twist ground anchors in case you are going to install the swing above packed ground. For your kind information be informed that, the one – piece or two – piece twist ground anchors can function without concrete.

· So when it comes to concrete anchoring, the very first and foremost thing that you will mainly need to perform is to position the swing. This is quite important and such a step without which you cannot move ahead. You will need to find out the intended permanent location of the swing and once you get it, you will have to place the swing in that location. Try to arrange a blade of a shovel which you will need to mark the placement of every single leg. Hope this is clear.

· Now at this point, you will need to dig holes. But the question is, where should you do that? Well, it is recommended to perform it at every single anchor point. At this stage, you can remove the old swing set temporarily with the aid from junk removal services and then consider digging the holes at every single marked anchor point. This is to inform you that every single hole ought to be around 55 cm which is like 22 inches deep. And the diameter is supposed to be around 40 cm which is like 16 inches. Hope it makes sense.

· You will notice anchors into every single leg and you will need to put effort on fixing that. Get the plate of one concrete and after that, you will have to place it. The location is supposed to be the bottom side of every single leg. And once you finish doing it, you will need to screw the anchors using bolts that you will receive from the anchoring kit. Make sure to screw it onto the bottom of every single leg.

· Now it’s time to pour the concrete into every single hole. Try mixing the batch of the standard concrete and then pour it into every single hole, try filling every hole within 2.5 cm which is roughly 1 inch of the top.

· Now carefully placing every single anchor in the hole.

· Let the concrete dry and finalize the process by covering the area.

So this is how you can concrete anchoring quite easily. You can also watch YouTube videos to get something practical. Thanks for having a look.
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